Sinistro (2015)


2015 – BRA

Dir: Mariani Ohno


Sinistro tells the story of Daughter, a seven-year-old girl who starts to be tormented by an uncontrollable itch on her left hand. The discomfort, each time more intense, ceases only when the girl uses that hand to draw, expressing her inner self. Mother, a 42-year-old housewife, reproves the use of the left hand and considers her artistic expression to be a waste of time, scolding Daughter. Isolated from the world and ignored by her husband, a spectre represented by shadows and sounds, Mother reacts to her frustrations repressing Daughter authoritatively. Her violence grows with the increase of times when Father comes home late and the development of

Daughter’s disobedience, who insists on using the left hand. The decay of the family’s structures drives Mother to complete madness.


The film premiered in the 2016 São Paulo International Latin American Film Festival, besides being selected for the 2016 São Paulo International Short Film Festival and the VGIK International Student Festival, in Russia.
In 2017 it was also part of the official selection of The U-Horror Fest of Los Angeles, the 12 Months Film Festival, in Romenia, and the 4th ON – Original Narrative Student Film Festival, in Dubai.
It won the best short-film award in the “Midnight Session” category of the Mostra Audiovisual de Cambuquira.


Watch the trailer and listen to the full original soundtrack below.