The New Romantics

The New RomanticsThe New Romantics

2016 – CAN

Dir: Kelly Tatham



“The New Romantics” is a webseries about the evolution of human consciousness, or, like, you know, twenty-somethings trying to get by in YVR.

Exploring the psychological torture of relationships — romantic and otherwise — Wallace, Clinton, Molly and Jackson take us through the highs (and lows) of life in the most beautiful/expensive city in the world. With meet-cutes that ain’t so cute, 10-speed delivered microbrews, mushroom-trip sunsets and that intense, burn-bright love you have for your friends when they’re your whole world, TNR is an hilariously absurd, meta-ly magical, authentic love-letter to the mistakes, mishaps, and triumphs of your twenties.

Check the pilot episode below.